• Biodegradable To Go Bags

Biodegradable To Go Bags

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Introducing Biodegradable To-Go Bags! As durable as other plastic bags without the strain on the environment.


Unlike regular plastic bags, these are reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable! These break down more than 48% in 900 days in a regular landfill setting. They recycle anywhere you can recycle regular plastic bags. In composting facilities, these bags can fully break down. Using these bags dramatically reduces your carbon footprint.

Durable HDPE Material

These biodegradable to-go bags are made from durable high-density polyethylene or HDPE. Because of its high melting point and large strength to density ratio, this material is incredibly strong. These bags are 12.5 microns thick but the intermolecular strength of HDPE is significantly more than other thin plastics. You don’t have to worry about tearing these bags.


Ice cream to-go orders, deli shops, corner stores, or anything else you could think of -- these bags are fit for everything! They can hold two large to-go boxes and more! Because of the dual-handled design, these bags are easy to hold and strong enough for whatever you put in them.


Our biodegradable to-go bags feature light green material and a stylish leaf design with the words “Thank You” written near the top. The design shows that these bags are kind to the environment. The words send the message that you appreciate their business. Your customers will love these bags!

Each case is 500 bags.

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Width: 12"

Height: 22"

Gusset: 6 1/2"