EcoTaster Mid Tasting Spoons

Introducing the revolutionary EcoTaster Mid the newest addition to our tasting family!

Offering a greener alternative to the taster spoon community, the new EcoTaster Mid can be composted or recycled. Made from sturdy paperboard these spoons fold into the perfect sized taster spoon. Simply fold the dots together and they’re ready to go! These nifty tasters are packed tight to optimize your shelf space. The EcoTaster Mid also includes a drip-stop fold to prevent leaks from sneaking through the handle. These gorgeous mini spoons are just what you need for birthdays, parties, weddings, reunions, or any other event. These spoons are made in the USA! Ranging from a simple taster to a full-sized bite these spoons can do it all!


EcoTaster Mid
Quantity Full Case is ~500 Spoons, Can Order Smaller Qty
Color White
Eco-Friendly Compostable and Recyclable
Material FDA Approved Paperboard
Overall Spoon Length 3.750"
Spoon Length 1.130"
Spoon Width 0.200"
Case Dimensions 3" x 4" x 4"
Case Weight 1.15 lbs
SKU 30000