FrozenDessertSupplies.com is the home of the UNIQ® Brand.  We created this brand to represent the superior products. So that you our customer will know, when you see the UNIQ brand, you know they will be a quality spoon, cup or lid.

The tagline for the UNIQ brand of products is as follows:

Different. Better.

There are so many plain old white paper cups, we want to provide a product that is different and better, just like you are, and just like your store.

Different - we are different in every way, we do not really on the same old processes of yesteryear. For example - We do not require you to call "one of our distributors" or "one of our sales people will call you". We are the manufacture and the distributor. We make ordering and buying simple and easy, online with a beautiful easy to navigate website.

Better - well, when comparing our brand and products to others, we simply are better. We have better customer service, better prices, better shipping, better selection, better colors and more!

Please Note: Eco Friendly Supplies does not permit anyone to resell our UNIQ products on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, or any other 3rd Party Marketplace.

We provide the UNIQ® Cup and UNIQ® Lid

Look around, shop our UNIQ Products and enjoy the difference our UNIQ Brand provides. You too will soon find out that UNIQ definitely is Different. Better. 

Last Revised Date: 1/27/2020