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  • Don't Sacrifice Style for Sustainability: Use Colorful Eco Cups!

    When you think of eco-friendly restaurant supplies, you probably think of kraft brown and raw wood, right? There's a reason for that: traditional ink doesn't biodegrade. Even if something is printed on biodegradable paper, the ink makes it bad for the environment. We have a solution for you: organic soy ink. View Post
  • How to Reduce Turnover in Your Restaurant

    Hourly jobs, especially in the restaurant industry frequently cause burn-out. The high-stress environment coupled with the lower pay can be grueling. You can change that! By actively avoiding turnover through treating your employees well, you'll take that extra layer of stress from their shoulders and foster a friendly work-environment. View Post
  • How to Get the Best Applicants for Your Restaurant

    Hiring good employees is a big part of having a successful restaurant. Your employees are your biggest asset. They make or break your business. Having a good system for finding and hiring employees will save you a lot of time in the future. It'll decrease turnover and increase employee satisfaction.

    View Post
  • What Produce is in Season in Autumn?

    It can be tricky to find local produce when you don't know what's in season. Using produce that's in season is a great way you can help the environment and support local farms. It's better for the environment and local farms to buy what's in season. Here's a comprehensive list of what's in season so you can buy the right produce. View Post
  • How to Use Overripe Produce in Your Restaurant

    Food waste is a major issue for restaurants. Eliminating it will save you money and help the environment. Utilizing overripe produce is a simple and effective way to reduce food waste! View Post
  • 7 Tips for Improving Your Restaurant Management

    Owning and managing a restaurant can be both stressful and rewarding. If done right, you can foster positive experiences for you and your staff. Managing a restaurant well isn't as complicated as you may think. Here's a simple guide to help you! View Post