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  • A Restaurant's Guide to Reducing Food Waste

    In the United States, between consumers and retail (restaurants and stores), 31% of the food supply is wasted every year. This is equal to 133 billion pounds and nearly $162 billion worth of food (according to the USDA). While some of this is due to food spoiling, a lot is because of restaurants and grocery stores over-ordering or misuse while cooking.  View Post
  • How Becoming Eco-Friendly Saves You Money

    Many people associate being eco-friendly with spending more money. While some eco-friendly products are more expensive than their traditional counterparts, being eco-friendly as a whole will save you money. We'll tell you how. View Post
  • How to be Eco-Friendly: Holiday Decorations

    There are a lot of factors to being eco-friendly: reducing plastic use, recycling what you can, and reusing/repurposing anything else. In the holiday season, it's harder to live eco-friendly. We have some great tips for being eco-friendly while decorating for the holidays.

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  • The EU Bans Single-Use Plastic -- Now What?

    The European Parliament voted to ban all single-use plastics by 2021. Now that take-out and delivery has become the main way people enjoy restaurants, the food-service industry relies heavily on single-use plastic. The EU banned single-use plastic. If you can't use single-use plastic, how can you serve your customers? We have a few solutions for you! View Post
  • The 7 Main Types of Plastic and How to Recycle Them

    Plastic is a big part of the restaurant industry. With takeout and delivery being a major way people enjoy local restaurants, it can be incredibly difficult to find easily disposable items that are also cost-effective. We have many options for plastic alternatives but, for those times when you need to use plastic, here's how you can safely recycle it. View Post