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  • 5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs a Website

    Restaurants have gone through a whirlwind this past year and one thing that's taught all of us is that every restaurant needs a website. Even if you don't have in-house delivery, your website will still bring in a lot of traffic. If you're on the fence about getting a website for your restaurant, here are 5 reasons your restaurant needs a website.

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  • One Simple Way You Can Attract Younger Customers to Your Business

    21.5% of the population of the United States is between the ages of 20 and 34. This age group, a near-equal mixture of Gen-Z and Millennials, responds to media and marketing differently than their predecessors. They aren't looking for the best prices, they're looking for the most ethical business. View Post
  • The Rising Popularity of Being Eco-Friendly (and Why You Should Care)

    With the popularization of social media and the readily available stream of information within the last twenty years, being eco-friendly has gone from a radical movement to a commonly held stance. The rise of environmentalism has made way for many major cities and counties to ban plastic straws and other single-use plastics. This legislature was met with excitement from the environmental community. Why is it that being eco-friendly has become so popular? Keep reading to find out. View Post
  • 3 Ways You Can Have the Best Customer Service

    Customer service is incredibly important for any business. Having good customer service promotes customer loyalty. If your customer feels heard and understood, they'll be more willing to stay with your business. This gives you a big advantage against your competitors. Having the best customer service takes more effort on your part but it's worth it for the customer loyalty you'll gain. View Post
  • What is the Best POS System for Your Business?

    When it comes to opening a business, you have many decisions to make. Who you'll hire, where you'll operate, and, most importantly, what Point-of-Sale system you'll use. This choice is a big factor in how your business will run. View Post