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  • 7 Ways to Promote Business During the COVID-19 Epidemic

    COVID-19 or Coronavirus has been at the forefront of our minds since WHO classified it as an outbreak on March 11. Schools have been moved online, we've been counseled to socially distance ourselves, and people are working from home. Some people don't have the option of working remotely. As a res... View Post
  • 3 Ways You Can Have the Best Customer Service

    Customer service is incredibly important for any business. Having good customer service promotes customer loyalty. If your customer feels heard and understood, they'll be more willing to stay with your business. This gives you a big advantage against your competitors. Having the best customer service takes more effort on your part but it's worth it for the customer loyalty you'll gain. View Post
  • What Social Media Platform Should You Be Advertising On?

    Advertising on social media is the best option for any business. You can target your ads to very specific audiences and demographics. Finding the social media platform that works best for your business is as simple as understanding your audience. The social media platform you should be advertising on is the one your audience uses the most. View Post
  • 4 Steps to Creating a Cohesive Brand

    An integral part of running a business is having a cohesive brand. You create a cohesive brand based on how your customers perceive your online presence (your website and social media) and your physical space. Everything you post should sound like it comes from one personality. You should feel comfortable evolving as a business for what your customers want and need. Most importantly, your values should be prominent, both in writing and in the way you conduct yourself. If you follow these steps, you will create a cohesive brand your customers will appreciate.  View Post
  • What is the Best POS System for Your Business?

    When it comes to opening a business, you have many decisions to make. Who you'll hire, where you'll operate, and, most importantly, what Point-of-Sale system you'll use. This choice is a big factor in how your business will run. View Post
  • 20 Easy Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly

    Being more eco-friendly is easy and incredibly beneficial. This means caring for our planet and saving money in the long run. It gives your business a better public image and more opportunities for tax-breaks. The cost of switching to eco-friendly options is far outweighed by the benefits. This is why you should do these simple things to make your life and your business more eco-friendly.  View Post