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  • The Benefits of Holding a Soft Opening for Your Restaurant

    Restaurants are an ever-growing industry. Because food-service is a consumer-based industry, feedback is one of your most important tools for improvement. When starting your restaurant, you can hold a soft opening to generate feedback and prepare for your grand opening. View Post
  • Proper Hand-Washing Regulations for Restaurants

    Hand-washing is an integral part of food safety. Posting specific regulations for hand-washing in your restaurant is a great way to prevent dangerous cooking conditions. Here are a 3 tips for proper hand-washing regulations in your restaurant. 1. Provide Dedicated Hand-Washing Sinks A proper han... View Post
  • All About End-of-the-Year Bonuses

    It's customary for restaurants and other businesses to give something special to their employees at the end of the year. Usually, that's a cash bonus, but sometimes it's a gift or token of your appreciation. Here are a few different kinds of bonuses. Keep reading to figure out what's best for your budget. View Post
  • 5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs a Website

    Restaurants have gone through a whirlwind this past year and one thing that's taught all of us is that every restaurant needs a website. Even if you don't have in-house delivery, your website will still bring in a lot of traffic. If you're on the fence about getting a website for your restaurant, here are 5 reasons your restaurant needs a website.

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  • How to Reduce Water Usage in Your Restaurant

    Water waste is an issue for the environment and your wallet. It may seem like a small drip or some excess running water doesn't matter, but these instances add up to be much worse. Keep reading to learn how to reduce water usage in your restaurant. View Post
  • Farm-Raised vs. Wild-Caught Fish: What's the Difference?

    Fish are a great source of protein, Omega-3 fatty acid, and a lot of other important nutrients. The growing demand for fresh fish has created a need for aquaculture or fish farms. While wild-caught fish is still a major source of fresh fish, farm-raised fish comprise more than 50% of all fish produced for human consumption. What's the difference between farm-raised and wild-caught fish? Keep reading to find out! View Post