5 Reasons You Should Opt for Paper Straws

5 Reasons You Should Opt for Paper Straws

In recent years, paper straws have gained popularity over plastic straws. With environmental concerns on the rise, many places have banned plastic straws completely. If you're on the fence about making the switch to paper straws, we've compiled a helpful guide with reasons you should opt for paper straws.

1. Reduce Pollution

Plant in Hand, 5 Reasons You Should Opt for Paper Straws

According to Green Peace, "every single piece of plastic ever made still exists." Some plastic you can recycle. Most just continue to exist in a landfill or the ocean. In some situations, it can break down partially, leaving micro-plastic particles in the environment. These poison animals and pollute land. Reduce pollution by using paper straws!

2. Do it for the Turtles (and Seabirds)

Trash Cleanup, 5 Reasons You Should Opt for Paper Straws

90% of the world's sea turtles and seabirds have ingested plastic, according to the Guardian. Because plastic straws are so thin, they can't be recycled and they're frequently blown from trash bins. People leave them on beaches and boardwalks. They make their way into the ocean. Turtles and seabirds can't differentiate between plastic and food and mistakenly eat the plastic.

3. Contribute to Your Compost Pile

Compost, 5 Reasons You Should Opt for Paper Straws

Traditional plastic straws are used once and tossed in the garbage. They never have a chance to break down. Most paper straws can be easily composted. They'll biodegrade in your compost pile without any issues. If you want to learn more about composting in your restaurant, read this article.

4. Match Any Occasion

Pink Straws, 5 Reasons You Should Opt for Paper Straws

Unlike plastic straws that only come in single colors or with small stripes, paper straws come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and thicknesses. Try our floral straws to match your pretty party or our patriotic red and blue starred straws for a fourth of July party. The possibilities are endless!

5. Use Them for Hot and Cold

Kraft Straws and Cups, 5 Reasons You Should Opt for Paper Straws

Where plastic straws may melt, paper straws thrive! You can use them with hot drinks and cold drinks! They can really do it all.

Paper straws are a great alternative to plastic. They're better for the environment, prettier, and they're the same price. You can have peace of mind that you're not putting the environment at risk when using paper straws. They're the perfect alternative!

Have you made the switch to paper straws? Tell us about it in the comments! We love hearing from you.