Five of the Most Common Eco-Friendly Words Defined

Five of the Most Common Eco-Friendly Words Defined

If you're transitioning towards becoming an eco-friendly and sustainable business, you may have noticed some common words in your research. It can be confusing to understand exactly what a product is and what it can do. We're here to lessen your confusion!

Here are Five of the Most Common Eco-Friendly Words Defined:

1. Eco-Certified

Phone with Leaves, Five of the Most Common Eco-Friendly Words Defined

You may have noticed that some businesses have the words "eco-certified" on their sign or website. That means they follow certain regulations from the Green Restaurant Association. These guidelines include using no polystyrene foam, recycling a certain amount, composting, educating staff, and using clean energy. If you want to learn more about becoming eco-certified, read this article.

2. Compostable

Compost Bins, Five of the Most Common Eco-Friendly Words Defined

This is a common term for eco-friendly packaging. If a product is compostable, it means that that product is able to decompose in a compost environment without leaving any toxicity in the soil. Most products labeled compostable will break down within 90 days.

A composting environment refers to either a commercial composting facility or a consumer compost bin. The main difference between these is the size: a commercial facility is much larger than a consumer or backyard compost bin. They both produce similar soil but commercial composting facilities tend to break things down more quickly because of their size.

Here are some compostable products: Straws, clamshell containers, take-out cups, ice cream cups, and bright ice cream cups.

3. Biodegradable

Kraft Coffee Cups, Five of the Most Common Eco-Friendly Words Defined

While compostable products must break down quickly, biodegradable products can break down slower. They will still break down completely. This means they won't leave any toxins in the soil. A lot more products are labeled biodegradable rather than compostable because it's less stringent. Being biodegradable just means that eventually, the product will break down.

Here are some biodegradable products: Kraft milkshake straws, take-out boxes, spoons.

4. Recyclable

Recycling Bins, Five of the Most Common Eco-Friendly Words Defined

Recycling is probably the most common of these terms. To recycle is to convert waste into new materials. If something is recyclable, it can be converted into something new when you're done using it. This is usually done at a recycling center or plant. A lot of products that don't biodegrade are recyclable because of their added resilience. A lot of plastic and metal is easily recycled. If you're planning on recycling something, you do need to clean it first. Food isn't recyclable.

5. Post-Consumer Products

Recycling, Five of the Most Common Eco-Friendly Words Defined

Post-consumer products are the result of recycling. When you recycle, it's made into other products, now labeled as post-consumer products. All this means is that someone has previously used the materials in your product and they've been processed to be a new material.

Here are some post-consumer products: Kraft take-out containers, fold-top take-out containers.

Becoming eco-friendly can be a simple process. Look for these words on your products and you'll have no problem. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at We love hearing from you!